Autumn Moorland

Peatlands at Stemster
25 x 36 cm

Sunny autumn days are so wonderful for painting moorland landscapes. The clear light brings out the colours so much better than the bleaching sunshine of summer. Also, with the sun low in the sky, the features of the landscape throw longer shadows, which create a greater range of tonal values. Unlike the summer, there are no biting insects as well!


  1. Hi there Keith!... Autumn really is the best time to be out there... crisp air... NO BUGS!... Can't beat this time of year... anywhere!

    I love your aerial perspective.... spot on the lovely variations of tone that you have created in the various levels of your cloud cover... very masterly... as always Keith!

    Seems repetitive... but another real gem... amongst many Keith!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Yes, broken cloud is a great help, as well, in providing changing patterns of tone.

    I hope you're not having to shovel the white stuff yet!

    All the best,

  3. Hi Keith,

    Just notice your painting on Bruce Shermans blog. You work is lovely. I will continue to return to simply enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing. All the best to you

  4. Hi Joan, thanks for looking in. I'll be looking at your blog as well. you've been doing some interesting experiments there.

  5. Lovely Autumn tones Keith. Very nice.

  6. Those birds does makes it more readable, but what a scale it is, what a view and how lovely loose and accurate you depict it. Now get out and paint your guts out!!


  7. Thanks René. I put the birds in at the end and they did make a difference.

  8. Beautiful sky! I think you have captured the beauty of autumn in your moorland painting. We have both been painting moorlands, they do offer such inspiration don't they! By the way has the museum contacted you yet?

  9. Thanks Caroline, moorlands have some beautiful colours sometimes don't they?

    No I haven't heard anything yet - maybe tomorrow.


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