Simmer Dim

Simmer Dim
26 x 36 cm

At this time of year in these northern latitudes it never gets very dark at night. The sun sets late in the evening and then the afterglow remains throughout the night, until it gradually turns into the sunrise. In Shetland they call this time the 'Simmer Dim'.


  1. Hi Keith!... Your lovely "Simmer Dim' conjurs up perfectly for "Me"... memories of an image that has stuck in my mind since I was a child. My Grandparents... Birrells (from Glasgow) taught us a song which we sang as a family with much gusto and joy.

    Your image does indeed mouth the words:

    Roamin'... in the gloamin"
    With a lassie at my side....
    Roamin' in the gloamin'...
    When the sun has gone to rest,
    That's the time that I love best,
    Oh I love that roamin' in the gloamin'!

    A wonderful painting... that recreated a wonderful personal moment for "Me"!

    Thank "You" Keith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Hi Keith, you have captured the magic hours so well in your bonny watercolour painting. I believe the nights have been slightly darker in the very early hours around 2am but it is not long before dawn arrives and the birds start waking up.

  3. Hey Bruce, I'm glad to have stirred that memory for you. 'Gloaming' seems to fit the feeling of that time of day perfectly.

    All the best,

  4. Thanks Caroline. Even after living here for a while, I still find it magical to go out at midnight and see the glow in the northern sky.

  5. Well it's magic alright !!! and so is your painting.. ! BJ

  6. Very nice Keith. You've captured a great sense of distance and expanse, as well as the unique light.

  7. OH Keith, this is on a par with Caithness Dawn, which you know I love. What a beautiful painting and that northern light has to be seen to be believed. I remember singing
    Roamin'... in the gloamin" as a child, and I am so pleased to see you didn't add the 'g' at the end of gloamin' Bruce. :)

  8. Thanks Ingrid. I'm putting this in the Society of Caithness Artists show in Thurso next week, so I hope someone else likes it as much as you. :-)


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