Geology at Dunnet Head

Along the Cliffs at Dunnet Head
26 x 36 cm

Another painting of the dramatic cliffs at Dunnet Head, a suitable setting for the most northerly point on the British mainland. The rocks here are sandstones, but there is a surprising variety of colours, from pale greys to red-browns. It was these colours that attracted me to this view.


  1. Good evening Keith!... Swelteringly hot here evening... no wind or air movement... 31C !

    Your lovely coastal study is a "breath of fresh air".... literally tonite... your atmosheric perspective is impeccable in this wonderful watercolour gem!

    You are on a real roll!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. These last few cliff/seashore paintings you have posted were wonderful. It's been fun to watch.

  3. Hi Bruce, it's not so hot here at the moment although, as usual, we are due to get your weather in the next few days I think.

    I'm glad I was able to bring some of those sea breezes your way!

    All the best,

  4. Hi Kevin, I'm finding it quite useful to stick to a theme for a while. I think it's something that I might do more of in future.

  5. Keith, your latest coastal cliff painting is really lovely, this is my favourite so far, the detail work in the cliff is first class and the colours used in your painting are really beautiful. Great atmosphere too.

  6. Thanks Caroline. I was a bit worried about the detail, because it could easily have become fussy. I painted it quickly and loosely so that I wouldn't be tempted to overwork it.

  7. The colours and detail in this one are superb, and I particularly like the faded misty cliffs in the distance with the trade mark 'Tilley' gulls.

  8. Thanks John, the colours were the main attraction.


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