Scaraben in Winter

Scaraben in Winter
25 x 36 cm

Unlike the rest of the county, the southern part of Caithness has a few hills and they all have distinctive shapes. Morven is like a great upturned pudding bowl; Maiden Pap, as the name suggests, is conical in shape; Scaraben when seen from the north, as in this painting, has a serpentine ridge like a sleeping dinosaur. I painted this earlier in the year, when there was still snow on the hills and the moors were frozen.

Heading for the Hills


  1. Hi Keith, somehow I missed that wonderful castle with that charcoal gray and greens, and oh to paint landscapes like this. Wonderful..!!

  2. Hi Barbra Joan, thanks for looking in.

  3. Another 'Tilley' masterpiece, but not only are your paintings great, but your posts are always so interesting and informative. I always enjoy coming back.

  4. Thanks John, I like to give a bit of background to the paintings, so I'm glad you find the posts interesting.

  5. Hi from the Barbados Keith! No snow here my Friend! Hot as... well... VERY hot... coming out of full winter conditions in Canada!Using my watercolour kit... in the shade!HAHA!!

    LOve the great focus you have created in this one Keith... and as always... those lovely transparent watercolour washes!
    Beautiful! Another gem!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Hi Bruce, I didn't expect to hear from you while you were down there. I hope you're 'cooking-up' some nice sketches in that hot weather!

    All the best,


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