Kame of Hoy

Kame of Hoy
16 x 26 cm

Continuing on our journey to Orkney, we pass around the Kame of Hoy. Here the rampart of sheer cliffs comes to an end and soon the first farms appear, with fields leading down to the coast. We are now entering the Hoy Sound, one of the narrow waterways leading to the sheltered anchorage of Scapa Flow. 


  1. Keith, another wonderful landscape.
    It always amazes me the way you see the colors that you do...
    And of course I see nothing like that scene here in Florida, I so envy landscape painters, and I will give the painting project of Johns' a try.. Now I said a 'try'.

  2. Thanks Barbra Joan. Your work is so good that I can't believe that you wouldn't be able to paint landscapes as well. Good luck with the project.

  3. Hi there Keith!.... What a "simply"... lovely landscape - a textbook lesson in how to organize forms into [seemingly] simple planes of colour... to create a wonderfully easy painting to view and interpret! Well done!

    Happy Easter to you and your Family Keith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  4. Thanks Bruce and Happy Easter to you and yours.

    All the best,

  5. Keith....your skies impress me...love them! Happy painting to you!

  6. Thanks Julie. I love painting skies in watercolour; it seems the perfect medium for it.


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