Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset, Morven
16 x 26 cm

The cold, dry weather is making the air much clearer at the moment. The result is some wonderful sunsets and beautiful night skies filled with stars.


  1. Hi Keith!... You have to love that dryness... when it's cold! makes life a bit more bearable to be free of the dampness. Gets right into one's bones... whether one is inside or out!

    Love this winter sunset. The colour and aerial perspective really do create a beautifully tranquil mood that sets this winter landscape in a class of its own!

    Well done Keith!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. keith, Just simplicity at it's best! The colours speak to me....

  3. Hi Bruce,

    Having it so dry is rare here, but I definitely prefer it to wet and windy.

    All the best,

  4. I'm glad it worked for you René. :D

  5. Thanks Maggie. The coolness of the snowy landscape really makes these sunsets special.

  6. Hi Keith, I was wondering how you were getting on up in those hills. You have returned with a very striking painting and I am wondering about the colours you have used here, the sunset looks cooler in more lemon tones and the purple toned sky looks very effective against the winter landscape. We have bright blue skies here in Moray this morning.

  7. wonderful sunset indeed keith
    love the restraint you are showing

  8. Skilful use of a subdued limited palette. I like this very much.

  9. Hi Caroline, I think the sky in the painting is slightly more yellow than it looks on the computer. It was Raw Sienna with a little Winsor Yellow.

    The sky was French Ultramarine and Burnt Sienna with a little Permanent Rose.

  10. Thanks Rob, the light was fading when I started, so I had to be quick - always a good way to avoid fiddling.

  11. Keith I've just come across your blog and can't leave without saying your work is wonderful, thanks for sharing.. barbra joan

  12. Hi Barbra Joan, thanks for looking in and for your kind words.

    I've had a look at your blog and I love your flower paintings. The journals are interesting too - so creative.

  13. Love this winter sunset. There is a difference to the colours in winter ... cold, crisp and clear. And I definitely see them in this canvas.

    I can feel the cold, fresh, crisp air.

    Congratulations; another great winterscape

  14. Thanks Ruby. I'm lucky to have this view from my home and it always inspires me.


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