When Things Go Right

Boathouses on Loch Scye
16 x 26 cm

Some people like to really work at their watercolours; sponging, scraping, scratching, moving paint around, until they have the effect that they want. I have what I feel is a purer approach, reminiscent of Oriental painting perhaps. I like to lay on the washes as cleanly and simply as possible, retaining their transparency and only over-painting where necessary. There are fewer opportunities for correcting mistakes with this method, so not every painting is successful, but when things go right there is a beautiful glow from the light reflecting through the paint, almost like the effect of a stained-glass window.


  1. Hello Keith!... This is "pure" watercolour at its finest level! Light-filled... radiant...and unfettered by superficial effects!

    This is the way Sargent... Turner... Pike... and a host of other purists interpreted the landscape!

    Beautiful Keith! My hat's off to "You" my Friend!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Hi Keith, Bruce has said it all and I agree with him. I love the work of Edward Wesson he has depicted the highlands in his simple style of watercolour washes. I can see the same quality in your work Keith of keeping watercolour painting and composition simple and pure looking. Lovely brush work and colour tones.

  3. Thanks Bruce, I'm honoured that you mention my name in the company of such great artists.

    All the best,

  4. Thanks Caroline. For me, watercolour is all about simplicity and purity. I think there are better media for painting detail.

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  6. Hi Keith, I haven't been over for a while, so hope you are well. Obviously you painting is going from strength to strength as this one is a complete winner. Beautiful light... the sort that looks easy, but is incredibly hard to capture.
    I'm glad I popped in, your work is looking tremendous. Chris

  7. Hi Chris, great to hear from you. Yes I'm well and enjoying life - I hope it's the same for you.

    Thanks for the nice comments. I see you've been doing some nice moorland and mountain landscapes - just my cup of tea!

  8. Oooh, Keith. I love the color and mood you have created!


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