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A Royal Invitation

I had an exciting day last weekend. I had a phone call from The Castle of Mey to say that The Prince of Wales would like to see me. They said that he liked my paintings and he would be interested in seeing any that I had, framed or unframed. I wasn't sure how many to take, so I loaded up the van with as many as I could manage and drove over there.

When I got there I was directed through the police cordon and met, at the gate, by Prince Charles's equerry. He took a handful of paintings from me and led me through passages and up winding stairs to the private rooms, where HRH was waiting. He was very friendly and informal and we were soon spreading paintings all round the room on the furniture. He asked questions about some of them and we talked a bit about painting (he paints as well when he can). Then he said that he liked the one that he bought last year and would like to buy another. He chose this one of 'Peedie Sands', which I've shown here before. I think he liked the way that I had scratched out the seagulls against the cliff.

Cliffs at Peedie Sands
32 x 23 cm

It was all over fairly quickly, because I think he was due to leave to travel south to Balmoral. I think he had just managed to find the time to see me, but I feel very honoured that he thought of me when he has such a busy schedule.


  1. Hi Keith!... Let me be the first to congratulate "You" on the great honour that you have received... and it is well earned and deserved I might add!

    HRH has good taste in choosing this seascape. He has produced a good number of nice watercolours in his day.. I've read his book!

    Wonderful news Keith!

    Good Painting... and continued success!
    Warmest regards,

  2. It is truly wonderful as Bruce says. Congratulations.

  3. I do like his watercolours and have almost bought his book too. I think it is so lovely to hear he has bought another painting from you, well done.

  4. Hi Bruce, Elizabeth and Caroline, thanks for your comments. I've read the book by the Prince of Wales as well. It was quite a few years ago and I remember being impressed with the work. Like most of us, I suppose, he is modest about his own paintings when he talks about them.

  5. This is a fabulous painting and story. Congrats on your recognition. I'm off to look at more of your blog now.

    Btw. I've just arrived here via JWJarts & someone else's blogs.

  6. Wow Keith, I didn't know you had royal connections. LOL. What a fabulous honour. Congratulations. HRH has excellent taste.

  7. Hi sue, thanks for looking in and for your comment.

  8. Thanks John. It's amazing what life can throw your way sometimes.

  9. Wow! Congratulations. I like Prince Charles' watercolors very much. Lucky you.

  10. wow how exciting keith
    i'm proud i know you!
    he choose a good one,it's a very strong image
    and the schratched sea gulls are ace

  11. WOW... What an honor!!!

    And a lovely painting too. I would have been beside myself with excitement!!!

  12. Thanks Marian.

    It was a strange mixture of being exciting and very informal at the same time.

  13. Congratulations Keith! Your work is so fresh and wonderful. I am y thrilled that you are in the collection, twice!!!

  14. Thanks Debra. Once was an honour, but twice was amazing.

  15. Keith, I thought I'd take a few minutes to go through your posts, and came across this and then your other where you'd sold to the Prince. Some years ago I bought his book , still have and look at it. I like his style and yours too, I must say!! I also wanted to tell you how very different our landscapes are and I can see why you are so inspired. BJ

  16. Hi Barbra Joan. I think the Prince is inspired by some of the same artists that I admire. Edward Seago is one of them and he was closely associated with the Royal Household. HRH told me that had some lessons from him.


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