House of the Northern Gate

The House of the Northern Gate
Watercolour, 16 x 26 cm

The House of the Northern Gate stands high up on the moor above Dunnet. It's an imposing building and it has tremendous views in all directions. The position is very exposed though and the roof must rattle a lot when there is a gale blowing.


  1. Lovely composition and colors. The muted colors make it feel like a typical cold English country day.

  2. Thanks Jean. It certainly can get cold up there.

  3. That is an amazing painting - Keith, may I please copy and paste the top picture into my online article series? I have a paragraph or two about Dunnet Head and the House of the Northern Gate popped into view (in your painting)
    The painting will be in the article called The Landscape Zodiac of Great Britain part 12 Cancer (on
    In advance, thank you very much,
    Fen Lander
    (Author: The Humanoid Landscape)

  4. Hello fen lander. Yes I'm happy for you to use the image. Your articles look fascinating and I'm going to start reading them. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get to part 12!

  5. Love the painting, had the pleasure of being invited into the house some years ago by the then owner, has a lot of history attached to it. regards gordon

    1. Thank you Gordon, it certainly looks an interesting building. I often wonder what it must be like to be in it in a storm though, in such an exposed position!


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