View from Strathmore Lodge
9.5 x 20 inches (24 x 51 cm)

I've been working on a few commissions recently. This one was a view of Strathmore from Strathmore Lodge. It caused me some problems because it was in a wide landscape format, whereas I usually paint what I can see more or less in my field of view. I knew how I wanted to compose it, but I had several attempts at it and each time I ran out of space on the paper. It didn't help that I needed to move the hills a bit to the right in order to get the river in front of them. The solution in the end was to treat the two halves of the view as separate sketches and then join them together. Then I was able to transfer the whole image to the watercolour paper.


  1. Good solution. Looked like it worked out well.

  2. It is a lovely painting, Keith, but I am still 'wrapped up ' in the colours from Stac Pollaidh.

  3. Good Morning...Here at least Keith!

    "Where there's a will... there's always a way"...and in this case a successful one for "You"!

    Love the depth of field in this vista... just enough detail in the foreground to stop the eye momentarily... then let go.. to travel further into your composition! Nicely one!

    Good Painting!

  4. Thanks everyone. It was interesting to do something a bit different.

  5. You have made a great job if this Keith, it has a feeling of peace about it. I took a photo of these hills from a road end on the way back from Thurso ... beautiful.

  6. Thanks Ingrid. I wonder which road you took the photo from.

  7. Lovely Keith, still very much a favourite location of mine.

  8. Thanks Jamie. I was out at Dirlot Gorge again the other day. I can see lots of potential subjects there, with some shelter from the worst of the weather as well.


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