Sales of Artwork

When the economic crisis first started I feared the worst for sales of artwork. There did seem to be a slow period at the beginning of the year, but that time is usually quiet anyhow.
However sales have been good over the summer - at least they have in this part of the world. Maybe people still buy art in depressing times in order to cheer themselves up.

I've recently had my third successful year at the Society of Caithness Artists annual show, selling all the paintings I exhibited. I'm pleased to say that this painting is now in the collection of HRH The Prince of Wales and Duke of Rothesay.

Rock Stacks at Armadale
10 x 14 inches, 25 x 35 cm


  1. Nice painting!
    Way to go on the success lately. From what I understand the Prince of Wales is quite a watercolor artist himself so that must be a nice little compliment to say the least.

  2. Thanks Kevin.
    Yes that's true, he should know a bit more than the average customer.

    I hope sales are OK for you too.

  3. Hi Keith! Congrats on the iclusion of this piece into the Prince of Wales Collection...a plein air man himself! Quite a compliment! Thanks for your kind compliment regarding my latest work...and for adding your name to my followers list. I wish to the same in return.I think that we share many ideals in life well in our painting journeys!

  4. Thanks Bruce. I certainly sense a link to a kindred spirit!

    I like your new book.

  5. dont know who this HRH The Prince of Wales and Duke of Rothesay chappy is...but he must be a lucky man owning this painting,ha!

  6. Well done Keith on your latest customer, and very well deserved. Your painting gets better and better!!

  7. I think his mother's something big in the City, Rob.

  8. That was absolutely fantastic, Keith!
    A nice addition to your CV.

  9. Congratulations.

    Is it too odd to say to a gentleman that your watercolor sketches are very pretty ? Like them.

    My young cousin works for H(is)RH mother :)

  10. Hello Carol,

    I'm glad you like the paintings.

  11. Oh WOW now there is a compliment indeed, well done!! :-D


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