Painting the Lairig Ghru

The Lairig Ghru
Acrylic on board
8 x 10 inches, 20 x 25.5 cm

This is an acrylic painting of the Lairig Ghru done from the sketches and photographs I took on my recent trip to the Cairngorms.


  1. That is beautiful, Keith! The darkness in the right foreground and the light beyond the curve of the mountain makes you wonder what is around the corner.

  2. Thanks Diane. That's what it feels like to be there as well. The pass is so rugged that you can never see all that far ahead. You keep going a bit further hoping to find out what is ahead of the next pile of boulders.

  3. Very beautiful Kieth,
    You should do more acrylics they are soo strong.

  4. Thanks Ingrid.

    Thanks René. Yes I'm going to.

  5. wow keith
    these two are so strong as well
    your contrasts and values are excellent,love the seaguls!
    i'm very impressed

  6. Thanks Rob. Coming from you, that really means something to me.


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