The snow has arrived here at last, so I have been out sketching it before it all disappears. I had a bit of trouble with the watercolour freezing, but at least I have enough of an impression to work from later.

Farm Beside Loch Calder

Loch Calder

Derelict Farm

Sunset over Snow
- note the effect of ice in the sky!

All sketches on A5 cartridge paper.


  1. Use a little glycol or antifreeze, but I guess you already knew that one.

    lovely work, enjoy the winter-scenes!

  2. weeeheee!
    that looks like good fun keith.
    they look cold with a warm sense of enthousiasm

  3. Yes thanks René I had heard about that. I think that alcohol is supposed to help the painting as well!

  4. Yes Rob, I'm enjoying the snow while it lasts. I don't think it will be here for much longer.


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