Frost at the Farm

Frost at the Farm
Watercolour, 10 x 14 inches, 25 x 35 cm

Season's Greetings
and Best Wishes to all
for the New Year.


  1. I am a painter out of Middle Tennessee in the U.S. and I stumbled onto your website and your paintings are beautiful. I have always wanted to paint in Scotland and your paintings just make me want to go that much more.

  2. Hello Kevin and thanks for your comments.

    Scotland is a great place for landscape painters, with a wonderful variety of scenery and weather conditions. There is always something new to see.

  3. love the color of the frost on the grass,

    have wonderful 2009 keith

  4. Hi,
    I come here sometimes via Frank Edwards blog. One of my old school watercolor heros is Rowland Hilder and your work has this beautiful clarity and brightness I admire in Hilder`s work.

    By sheer enthusiasm I would like to recommend a lecture by Dr. Janice Simon on William Turner with interesting information on the way he did his watercolors.
    (video link).

    Happy 2009 !

  5. Thanks Rob.

    I hope you have a good 2009 as well.

  6. Hello EH. I know what you mean about Rowland Hilder. I think I probably have a long way to go before I reach his level, but I'm glad that you can see something similar in my work. He had a huge influence on British watercolour painting. Most of the artists I admire learned something from him.

    Thanks for the video link. I enjoyed watching it. Turner's 'Colour Beginnings' are wonderful and so far ahead of their time.


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