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After nearly nine months of painting regularly outdoors, I have been thinking recently about how it is going. On the whole I am still enjoying the experience and I don't think I would like to work entirely indoors now. Curiously, although it has been much easier in the better weather of the summer, I found the rougher conditions of the winter more inspiring.

One thing that I have noticed is that I am becoming a bit restricted in my way of working. Because I have been using an easel and medium-sized sheets of paper, I have needed a certain amount of bulky equipment. This has lead me to look for easily accessible locations and to keep returning to the same ones. However, when I use a very lightweight easel, or none at all, and work on a small surface I tend to go further afield and more off the beaten track.

It was brought home to me recently when I packed the minimum of materials in a rucksac and set off for a walk across the moors. I found this subject and did a small painting of it.

Soft Light on the Moor
Watercolour, 7 x 10 inches

When I looked at it later it recalled all the feeling of a quiet day in the Flow Country, with a soft light and a hint of the heather in bloom. It seemed to say more to me than any larger piece painted at one of my regular locations.


  1. beautiful and skilful keith
    love the heather vs the blue spots of sky,realy makes this alive...
    great distance in the mountains too.
    why do not both? close and faraway from home...

  2. Yes you're right of course Rob. I think I'm just feeling a bit set in my ways. I probably need a bit of wild winter weather to shake me up a bit!


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