Heading for the Hills

Although it is part of Highland Region, Caithness is actually a low-lying, predominantly agricultural area. However the southern part of the county does have a small range of mountains, so when I feel the need for a more vertical landscape this is where I often go.
The main mountain in the range is Morven, and getting to it involves a long walk from the end of the public road. An estate track leads to an abandoned farmstead and from there an indistinct path leads across the moor to the foot of the mountain.
Although I love hill-walking, as an artist I often find that the best subjects are to be found in the valleys, where the mountains make a dramatic backdrop. This subject is a good example: The old building with Morven towering over it made a wonderful composition.

At the Foot of Morven
Watercolour, 10 x 14 inches


  1. love the threatening sky keith
    it really suits this desolate scene
    that lonely farm against the big mountain,it all works for me

  2. Thanks Rob. I seem to be drawn to wild and desolate scenery. I often overlook the sort of intimate subjects that you find.

  3. You manage to get a great atmosphere in your paintings, Keith. There is a beautiful sense of 'aloneness' in this last painting.

  4. It was exactly that sense of 'aloneness' which attracted me to the subject Diane.
    I am constantly drawn to places where people are absent, particularly where there is a feeling of a primordial landscape.
    Ironically, it is often a man-made object which provides the centre of interest. However since these are usually ruined, or in decay, I feel they point to the transience of our existence compared to the age of the landscape.


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